Signature Rules & Regulations!

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Signature Rules & Regulations!

Post by ChelseaKing on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:02 pm

A signature on forums, is a nice feature that give a extra bit of tasting while someone posts. It is that picture under your posts. While it can be a great little feature, many people tend to abuse it. They will make the signature huge so it will make people very upset, or they will do other very silly things.

500 X 200 is the max size a sig should be on these forums. It can be smaller if you choice. I may change this size if I feel its for the best.

Keep in mind the only way to use a signature is if you buy one using your points. Buying one doesnt mean buying a acutal signature (unless you buy that), it just means the right to use a signature.



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