Learning the In-Step Kick

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Learning the In-Step Kick

Post by jinprince_08 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:50 pm

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First thing to do is warn-up and stretching (15 mins.)

Dribble the ball for pre-stretch warm-up. Stretch all 7 basic muscle areas. warm-up having 4 players in a group 3 maintaining possession, 1 defends, as drill in progress let players move 8 yards apart and use the In-Step Kick.


* Ankle locked, Toe down
* Non-kicking foot facing target and on side of ball a little distance away.
* Eye on exact place of kicking (Middle of ball)
* Strike center slightly above the midpoint (Strike the top half of the ball. Touch the correct spot on the ball)
* Head down and steady - see foot hit through the ball
* Identify proper place on footwear that should contact the ball (Center of shoe laces preferred) with a very slight turning in of the foot.

you can get some of football tips by visiting my blog site


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