1930-First FIFA World Cup story

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1930-First FIFA World Cup story

Post by jinprince_08 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:16 am

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The Cup opened while the Centenario Stadium was still under constraction! Only 4 European countries participated in spite Jules Remit's efforts.

The 1st World cup Dominated by American teams like Brazil, Argentina, U.S.A., Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and powerhouse Uruguay, the host. Altogether, there were 13 nat'l teams participating.

The two most exciting game were France vs Argentina on July 15 in Parque Central, and Uruguay vs Argentina on July 30 in the Centenario. on France-Argentina game there were 80mins. of classic soccer, Argentineans on offense and French on defense. Monti scored for Argentina, from a free kick. in other side the french down to 10 player, played offensively pushing hard and at 84mins mark the referee whistled to end the game. the field invaded, complaints everywhere and linesman convinced that referee's error. The game continued but the french lost their momentum resulted in 1-0 for Argentina. That's the beginning of Uruguay and Argentineans rivalry, a rivalry that existed since the Olympic games in 1928. both make through the finals, Argentina beat U.S. 6-1 same score of Uruguay against Yugoslavia. The Stage is set for finals, the Argentinean fans try to invade Montevideo, celebration held in streets by defiant fans. It was so intense even the referee John Langenus received a special protection. 90,000 spectators watch the historic final of the 1st World Cup.

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