Rules, and what to buy, and how to buy?

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Rules, and what to buy, and how to buy?

Post by ChelseaKing on Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:02 pm

Welcome to the post shop. Here you can buy many different items to use for our forums. These can be bought using points. Points are gained each time you post. You gain more if you make a thread, than you would if you post in someone else's thread. With that said its not a major difference and good if you mix it up between posting and making threads.

If you look to your left you will see your forum name, rank, posts, points and join date. So, if you ever want to keep track theirs no need to ask.

The way you can buy a item using the points you have is when you have saved up enough points to buy something you want, you will need to go to to this link (below) or you can go to the Spend Points section and then you will see a request forum their. When you have that thread pulled up you need to write what you want to purchase.

Request's -

The format I want it to look like is similar to this:

Forum Name:
Item/Items Purchased:

Here is what you can buy using those great points!

* Buy a Signature Rights (if you buy this you can use a signature on these forums, this is located under your post)
* Buy a Actual Signature (if you buy this you will have a sig made for you, by me or any other sig maker)
* Buy a Name Change (if want to change your forum name, buy this item)
* Buy a Group (a group will let you make a group on these forums, and you will be host of it. It can include other members too, so it could be similar to a team)
* Buy a Private Group Section (this will let the group you made, have their own private section on these forums, and your group will be the only ones to see it)

Please keep in mind you have to buy signature rights before you can by a actual signature. Same goes with a group, you have to buy a group before you can buy a private group section.



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